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Welcome to my web page! This is my chance to show off some interesting ideas and projects.

For latest news and updates, please check out my weblog at Viridia.org

For Talin's adventures in Europe, see Talin's Illustrated Travel Journal

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Recent Updates:

10 December 2000: There is now a more recent picture of me on the Personal Info Page

10 December 2000: A photo journal of my adventures at Burning Man 2000

9 December 2000: I've added some new photos of the Dream Knight costume which can be viewed here

1 February 2000: I've added a new feature: Talin's Project Web, a collaborative editing environment based on TWiki. Feel free to add ideas and commentary of your own!

14 August 1999: I've canceled my slip.net DSL service, and am now using PacBell ADSL, which is cheaper (although slower on outgoing transfers).

12 May 1999: I'm back from Europe. Lots to do...

 April 1999: This site is currently being hosted at hackertourist.com, because my ISP has had some sort of hardware failure and has been unable to provide me with service. Thanks to Stig Hackvan for the web space.

5 March 1999: Today I leave for my trip to Europe. See my travel journal for a detailed write-up and photos of my adventures! 

19 Feb 1999: A billing error by Slip.net resulted in my DSL connection being disconnected for one week. Needless to say, I'm not very happy about this at all. Also, you can read about my adventures at Pantheacon.

30 Jan 1999: Revised the format of the main page.

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