Talin's Musical Compositions

Well, I don't have any samples for you to listen to yet, because this part of the page is still under construction. However, I have a number of MIDI compositions which I did over the years, most of which were done using Music-X, a sequencer I wrote for the Amiga.

In fact, I haven't done a lot of composing lately, mainly due to the fact that I haven't been able to find a sequencer that I like as much as Music-X. I realize that the new, modern sequencers (such as Cakewalk, Studio Vision Pro, CuBase, Logic, etc.) have a lot of features that Music-X doesn't, however I find them a lot more difficult to use. I think part of the problem is that these sequencers seems to be designed with the professional musician in mind, whereas Music-X was designed to be the "Deluxe Paint" of sequencers, in other words it had one foot in each of the hobbyist and professional worlds.

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