Programming and Game Design

Here are some of the games and applications that I have done.

Computer Games

Guardian (CoCo, Quasar Animations, 1983) 

Discovery (Amiga, MicroIllusions, 1985) 

The Faery Tale Adventure (Amiga, MicroIllusions, 1986) 

Inherit The Earth* (MS-DOS, New World Computing, 1985)
(here's a review of the game)

Faery Tale Adventure II: The Halls of the Dead* (Windows 95, Trimark Interactive, 1997) 
(here is a link to a fan site for this game)

 *With The Dreamers Guild.

Applications & Other Programs

[] Music-X (Amiga, MicroIllusions, 1988) 

[] The CDTV Welcome Disc (Amiga, Commodore, 1990) 

[] The Amiga Install Utility**; (Amiga, Commodore, 1990) 

[] Deluxe Music Construction Set v2.0 (Amiga, Electronic Arts, 1992) 

 **With Joe Pearce.

[Various internal tools used by the Dreamers Guild]

[] SAGA [Scripts for Animated Graphic Adventures) is a byte-code compiler supporting a C++-like syntax, used for creating animated adventure games.[]

[] ISO -- the isometric tile editor. 

[] SpriteParse -- a scriptable processing tool for converting game artwork. 

[] SpriteView -- An interactive sprite/character viewer. 

[] HRez -- Hierarchical resource manager for managing game assets such as artwork and sound. 

[] GTools -- a DOS-based widget toolkit for creating attractive-looking GUIs, with menus, windows, etc. 

[] VDraw -- A high-speed VESA-based SVGA drawing library. 

[] AIRE [Another Integer Rendering Engine] -- A rendering engine for fast 3-D games, with support for perspective-correct texture-mapping. 

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