Current Projects


Strattica is a Civilization-style game, using a 3D engine similar to Myth: The Fallen Lords. The engine is being designed to support the same kind of easy customization as Quake does. libasset is a library for managing game assets, such as artwork and sounds. Rather than using a proprietary "resource file" format, as many games do, libasset simply stores game assets as zip files. The library provides a way to load assets in any arbitrary order, using a file-handle like interface. Anima is a sprite animation editor for game creation. It's actually a port from one of my old Amiga programs. I'm doing this because Strattica needs sprites, and I haven't found any decent sprite editors for Linux so far. I've decided to write Anima under the KDE environment, although I'm having a little bit of trouble because the KDE framework, like most application frameworks, doesn't give you a lot of help when you are dealing with an application that has heterogenous windows.

Elfland is a multi-user virtual world server, kind of like a graphical MUD, but actually much more than that. It supports dynamic compilation of end-user scripts, and "virtual servers", allowing a wide range of game types to be supported within a single environment. This project is currently on hiatus until I figure out how to do a lightweight object-oriented database.

CGI Toys is an archive of the various CGI programs used on my site, specifically the random name and random word generators.

Projects that I have 'given away'

These are projects that I started, and are now being maintained by other people.

ScanDoc is a documentation generator for C and C++ programs. It is similar to JavaDoc and kDoc, however it is themable, meaning that allows for "template files" which make it easy to customize the format and appearance of the resulting documentation.) Scandoc is now a sourceforge project, and I have given over maintenance of this to James Dean Palmer.

MeV is a state of the art MIDI sequencer package for the BeOS. MeV is now a sourceforge project and can be found at the MeV Home Page

Writing and Documentation

A Summary of Principles for User-Interface Design. -- a highly distilled summary of user-interface principles.

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