Travel Journal March 30, 1999
A day in Glasgow.


Glasgow was not on my list of places to visit, but I decided to spend a day exploring it anyway. Compared to Edinburgh, it is rather light on tourist attractions, but it is utterly crammed to the gills with small art galleries. It's also a much more modern city than any I have seen on this trip so far (including London), as the following pictures will attest:


Here's a picture of George's Square:

In the square is a war memorial. I can't tell if that's a feather or a fern, but it's interesting anyway.

I thought the names of these two business were interesting: "We Arnott Insured" and "Mississippi Fried Chicken."

Glasgow's necropolis.

One museum I did visit was the Museum of Religious Art and Life. The art was worth seeing, especially since the museum (like most Glasgow museums) was free. However, the section on religious life listed only the major organized religions, in other words no "folk religions" need apply I guess.

If the pictures and commentary seem sparse today, it's because I spent part of the day doing chores (like laundry) and maintenance activities. I also spend some time at a cyber cafe, checking to see if my ISP had come up (it hadn't) and catching up on the news.