Travel Journal April 2, 1999

Holybrooke Hall, Co. Wicklow

The primary activity for today was a trip to Glendalough [Pronounced Glenda-lock.] This is, according to my guidebook, "one of Ireland's most atmospheric monastic sites." It's also a popular tourist destination. Scott, Oswald, and I drove there and hiked around the lake for an hour or so.

One of the "round towers" used as a refuge from the Vikings; The monks would allegedly hide at the top, pull the ladder up behind them, and throw a tribute down to the invaders. (Although I later learned that it was just as likely that the invaders were local chieftans as Vikings.)

More shots of the monastary.


Here's a shot of Scott and Oswald.

This is the oldest part of the monastary, dating back I believe to the 11th century.


A small baptismal font.

Another shot of the valley.

This lake was used in the film "Excaliber" - it's the lake from which Arthur recieved the sword from the Lady.