Travel Journal April 23, 1999
Donegal and Derry: High on Craic.


I stayed last night at the Atlantic Guest House in Donegal Town. It's has nice rooms, and is about half a block from the center of town.

I walked around town a bit this morning. To be perfectly honest, there's not that much here...I decided to head on towards Derry, as I was feeling pressed for time (I was already several days late in returning the car.)

A picture of Donegal Castle.


I got into Derry, and after about 20 minutes of driving around town I found a parking space. Here's some pictures taken while walking around the town.

This was a little "craft village" inside one of the blocks.

I went into a local computer store ("Bits and PCs") to ask where there might be an internet cafe. He said that there was none, but that I could use his internet set up. I checked my mail.

Next, I wandered into a shop called Fresh Records (11 Magazine Street, L'Derry BT 48 6HQ), which deals in Techno and Trance LP's. Here is the proprietor, a fellow named Colin Bass, who is also a DJ. I spent about 4 hours (!) in the shop talking with Colin about all sorts of things. He gave me a cassette tape of his mixes, which turned out to be the kind of trance stuf I really like. The tape was very useful keeping me awake during the next few days of marathon driving.

You can email Colin at

So in other words, instead of spending my time in Derry looking at the sights of the city, I spent it talking to an interesting person. A fair trade, in my opinion.

Early in the evening (a few hours of light still left) I drove to the next destination, which was the very northern tip of Ireland, near Dun Luce castle. It was too late to visit the castle, so I bedded down at a nearby B&B called Tramway house (4 Tramway Drive, Bushmills, Co. Antrim, BT57 8YS, telephone: 012657 32335). This was an excellent B&B (which is why I mention it here) and I had a very long and very interesting philosophical discussion with Margaret, who's shown in the photo below.